The American Chamber of Commerce in Tajikistan (AmCham Tajikistan) has initiated a survey to measure the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict on its member companies.

According to the press center of AmCham Tajikistan, the survey was conducted by Zerkalo Analytics Group, a leading research group in Tajikistan.

The purpose of the express assessment was reportedly to assess a degree of influence of political instability in the region of Russia-Ukraine, including the impact of sanctions against the Russian Federation on current activities of AmCham member companies.

The survey objectives reportedly were in: determining the proportion of companies that have felt the impact of the consequences of political instability and sanctions; ranking of the affected business lines according to the degree of impact - from weak to destructive; identifying operational, tactical and strategic decisions made by companies to overcome the difficulties that have been arisen; and identifying the possible support measures expected by companies from the business associations and government to mitigate, overcome and adapt to changing conditions.

Two thirds of those surveyed say they are experiencing or expecting little negative impact, and  every tenth of those surveyed says is experiencing or expecting significant adverse impact. 

The companies whose business is connected with Russia or with transit routes through the Russian Federation, have already experienced or expected a significant adverse impact.  

The survey authors noted that the influence of tension affected, first of all, financial stability of companies.    

The vast majority reportedly pointed to the impact of inflation, more than half of those surveyed faced difficulties in processing financial transactions, disruptions in international logistics supply chains, a decline in revenue and difficulties in accessing finance.  

The companies, whose business is not connected with Russia, more often pointed to problems with the consumer demand of the population in Tajikistan.   

Companies reportedly see a way out of these difficulties in entering new markets, in particular, Uzbekistan.   

AmCham Tajikistan is a leading national business association providing access to opportunities for networking, business development and advocacy.  AmCham has enjoyed tremendous success over the past few years, with its membership base growing three-fold since 2009.  Membership is open to any business organization – whether operating inside or outside of Tajikistan – that is willing to contribute toward the goal of a free and favorable economic environment in the country.