DUSHANBE, March 30, 2010, Asia-Plus  -- Tajikistan’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry is marking its 50th jubilee today.

A ceremonial meeting dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Tajikistan’s CCI is taking place at the State Kokhi Vahdat Complex in Dushanbe and senior representatives from ministries and enterprises as well as CCI members and media are attending the event.

“The Chamber of Commerce and Industry promotes expansion of Tajikistan’s exports and attraction of investments for development of the country’s economy as well as protects interests of the private sector and extends dialogue between the business community and the government,” the source at a CCI said.

According to him, many large, medium-sized and small enterprise of the country that are members of the Chamber have managed to get into international market and now successfully cooperate with foreign partners, participate at international fairs and various conferences and business forums.

Tajikistan’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established on March 30, 1960 and more than 170 large enterprises and organizations of different forms of property are members of the Chamber.  Among them are Tajik aluminum smelter, Tajiktekstilmash, Tajiktekstil, Tajikkabel, Isfara hydrometallurgical plant as well as a number of joint ventures such as Zervashan, Zafarobod, Kabool-Tajik Textiles, Javoni, etc.