Dushanbe. 24 May. Asia-Plus -- An accident involving “Tacom” Ltd., a mobile provider acting under “Beeline” brand, and “Tajiktelecom” OSC, has quite unclear reasons and it will take time to clear it out, Head of the Association of Mobile Operators of Tajikistan Gafor Irkaev told Asia-Plus.   

In his interview with Asia-Plus he said that “anyway, this accident is of technical character and emerged as a result of actions of technicians from both sides.”

According to Irkaev, each member of the association is an independent subject that operates on the territory of Tajikistan and each should observe the existing normative and legal basis of the republic. “Any intention to install new equipment should be adjusted with the Tajik Transport and Communication Ministry’s State Communication and Informatization Control Service,” he commented. “However, this service uses quite unclear method for allocation of permissions. In other words, all mobile operators should put their applications in a special mailbox installed straight at the entrance to the service’s office. Therefore, there is no clear procedure for registration of applications.”

Head of the association stressed that such system makes it impossible to clear out whether the application was submitted or not.

On May 14 this year access to mobile phones of “Beeline” subscribers from landline phones was suspended. According to the Tajik Ministry of Transport and Communications, “Beeline” has illegally installed a radio-relay station (a satellite antenna) at Tajik-Afghan border and this forced the State Communication and Informatization Control Service to disconnect the communication.

“Tacom” Ltd claims that the request for replacement of equipment was sent four months prior to the launch of the radio-relay station. Since “Tacom” Ltd already has related permission for exploitation of radio-relay station there was the need to replace the outmoded station by the updated one. However, no reply was received from communication officials. Therefore, “Tacom” Ltd was forced to replace the equipment without any reply.