There is not even a flash, the ministry says.

The Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of the Ministry of Health of Tajikistan denies information about the alleged emergency situation associated with the disease of the population with viral hepatitis "A" (Botkin's disease, "jaundice").

Head of the Department of Epidemiological Safety, Emergencies and Ambulance of the Ministry of Health Navruz Jafarov told Asia-Plus that the epidemiological situation in the country is considered safe and there is no cause for concern.

The reason for the appeal to the Ministry of Health was the complaints of residents of the capital to the editorial office of "Asia-Plus", who claimed that there was an epidemic of hepatitis "A" in the city.

According to them, allegedly there are already many patients in the infectious diseases hospital in Zarafshon, and there are also infected in Regar and other regions..

However, Jafarov said that hepatitis A is a seasonal disease, and every year children from three to 14 years old are more susceptible to it than others.