DUSHANBE, December 26, 2011, Asia-Plus – The flight from Moscow to Kulob operated by East Air on December 24 was interrupted due to technical problems and the aircraft safely returned to Moscow Domodedovo Airport, the source in East Air told Asia-Plus.

“Later, all defect were removed and the flight was resumed,” said the source.  “All 109 passengers were safely flown to Kulob on the same day.”  

We will recall that East Air has resumed flights from Kulob to Moscow this month, after all misunderstandings related to planes of this air company in Tajikistan have been settled.  Two Boeings of the company have been returned and flight certificates have been received.  Appropriate bodies of Tajikistan have reportedly given permission to operate the Kulob-Moscow flight three times a week.

East Air is a charter airline based in Kulob.  Wikipedia reports the airline provides charter services for various airlines, including Eastok Avia and Iraqi Airways.

The East Air fleet reportedly consists of: 1 Airbus A320 (1); 2 Boeing 737-200 (one of them is operated by Tajik Air); 2 Boeing 737-300 (one of them is operated by Icar Air); and 2 Boeing 737-400 (one operating for Eastok Avia and one operating for Iraqi Airways.

East Air now operates to the following destinations: Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg); and India (New Delhi).