Three Tajik textile companies, Olim Textile, Hima Textile and Neku Khujand, will take part in the 9th International Istanbul Yarn Fair 2012, which is scheduled for 21-24 of April.

For the first time in their history, three Tajik textile companies will present their products to the leading specialized fairs in the region which attracts a wide range of buyers and visitors, Tajik Trade Promotion Office reports.

This visit is organized by the Trade Promotion in Tajikistan Program, which is implemented by the International Trade Center (ITC) and funded by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO).

According to Saidmumin Kamolov, Trade Promotion in Tajikistan Program Manager who will accompany Tajik delegation at the fair, told that the fair is an ideal platform for visitors and yarn suppliers.

“This year’s exhibition will present products and services in categories such as: Cotton Rich Yarns, Cotton Yarns, Wool Yarns, Elastane Yarns, Viscose Yarns, Wool Rich Yarns, Acrylic Yarns, Viscose Rich Yarns, Noble / Fancy Yarns, Acrylic Rich Yarns, Polyester Rich Yarns, Polyester Yarns, Silk Rich Yarns, Silk Yarns, Polyamide Yarns, Polypropylene Yarns, Linen Rich Yarns, Linen Yarns, Metallic Yarns, Natural Yarns, Sewing Yarns, Technical Yarns, Nylon Yarns, Embroidery Yarns, Textured Yarns, Hand-Knitted Yarns, Bobin, Reel and Fiber,” he said.

A total of 400 yarn producers will present their products this year. More than 25.000 experts from nearly 50 countries are expected to attend the exhibition.

The 9th International Istanbul Yarn Fair will be held simultaneously with the 29th Internatıonal Textıle, Weavıng, Spınnıng, Fınıshıng, Knıttıng, Hosıery Machınes, Related Industrıes and Chemıcals Fair – Texpo Eurasia 2012.

Kamolov said that the exhibition will provide Tajik yarn producers a unique opportunity to improve level of cooperation with foreign partners.

“The exhibition will give Tajik producers perfect opportunity to present and promote products among a wide range of customers, firstly, wholesalers and retail sellers from Turkey and other countries, establish new business contacts with potential clients, sign new contracts and diverse their orders. Tajik companies will benefit from getting access to new markets in Turkey, the world’s third producer,” he said.

The goal of the Trade Promotion in Tajikistan Program is to support sustainable expansion and export diversification of small and medium business in Tajikistan through increase of competitiveness of textile and clothing sectors as well as through improvement of quality management infrastructure in the country. The project is funded by SECO.