Deputies of the Lower Chamber of Tajikistan’s Parliament (Majlisi namoyandagon of the Majlisi Oli) have supported the Government’s bill “On moratorium on audits in new business entities in production sector”.

When presenting the bill to the Lower Chamber today, May 23, head of the Tajik State Investments and Property Management Committee Davlatali Saidov said that the bill is aimed to develop private sector, national economy, improve social conditions, fight shadow economy and creation of new jobs.

“The three-year moratorium will cover only those producing entities which will use state-of-the-art production technologies,” he said. “A special governmental commission of representatives of related ministries, departments and private sector will be set up to implement this initiative.”

Deputy of the lower chamber and head of the Islamic Renaissance party of Tajikistan Muhiddin Kabiri offered to impose moratorium on audits in both newly established and currently operating producing companies.

D. Saidov noted that currently operating producing companies have other privileges. They were exempted from payment of VAT and customs duties.

Head of the Tajik Communist party Shodi Shabdolov said that in current realities of our country many producing companies stop production as a result of multiple audits and inspections carried out by the governmental structures.

Shabdolov asked who is going to determine the extent of novelty of production technologies and Saidov replied that “this is the prerogative of the governmental commission which is expected to be set up.”