DUSHANBE, February 3, 2014, Asia-Plus – In 2013, Dushanbe International Airport (DIA)’s profits were estimated at 73 million somoni, DIA director general Rustam Kholiqov announced at a news conference in Dushanbe on February 3.

According to him, current financial state of DIA is “normal” and the airport fulfills all its obligations on construction of a new international terminal.

“Over the last fifteen months, we have transferred funds (825,500 euros per month) for construction of the new terminal,” Kholiqov noted.

“Last year, we invested more than 8 million euros in development of the airport,” the airport top manager said.

Tajik national air carrier, Tajik Air, now owes 60 million somoni to DIA.  “Somon Air also has a debt but it is not so large,” Kholiqov said.

Kholiqov noted that the airport gave a 60 percent discount to Tajik national airport.  “The airport provides discount to Somon Air as well, by Somon Air receives discount just for development of new flights, Kholiqov said, noting that they give a 10 percent discount to other air companies operating flights to Tajikistan.

Dushanbe International Airport is an airport located in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan. Dushanbe airport is main hub for Tajik Air and Somon Air and Tajik Air also Tajik Air has its head office on the airport property.

Work has begun on upgrading facilities at the airport.  To bring the Dushanbe airport up to international air traffic standards, an extension project has been launched to raise the overall space of the international terminal to 11,000 m² with a capacity of 5,000 passengers per hour.  This project is being implemented under financial support of France which provided Tajikistan a long-term low interest loan.