DUSHANBE, July 14, 2015, Asia-Plus – Dushanbe International Airport (DIA) has merged with Tajik Air (Tajik national air carrier) and with this merger a new company is formed -- Aviation Company of Tajikistan.

Director general of the new company has not yet been appointed and DIA director Rustam Kholiqov is continuing to act as director general of Dushanbe International Airport and Tajik Air.

We will recall that by government’s regulation issued on July 21, 2014 Tajik Air merged with Dushanbe International Airport and Rustam Kholiqov was appointed to head the new structure.

According to the president’s official website, the government has merged the companies for the purpose of ensuring an efficient management of financial and economic activity of Tajik Air.

Until 2008, Tajik Air had an absolute monopoly in Tajikistan’s air transport, owning all planes, airports, and airport and flight services.  As a result of restructuring, Tajik Air was split up into several separate companies.