DUSHANBE, July 13, 2015, Asia-Plus -- Spitamen Bank, within 130 days of preparations for Tajikistan’s main holiday -- the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Tajikistan, has repaired a fountain in downtown Dushanbe.  

The fountain is located next to one of the bank''s branches in Dushanbe, 70 Roudaki Avenue.

“Now, walking along the main avenue of the capital you can enjoy the view of another though a small, but beautiful fountain running around the clock,” says press release issued by Spitamen Bank.

"We not only reconstructed the fountain, but also renovated the exterior of the building, which houses our branch” said the acting branch director Marouf Kholov.  “Adherence to the principles of corporate social responsibility is one of the important components of the Spitamen Bank''s activities, so we are always glad to contribute to the development of the country and society.”  

Spitamen Bank is a bank operating nationwide in Tajikistan, under license from National Bank of Tajikistan.

Spitamen Bank started its Microcredit Deposit Organization in the country as Spitamen Capital in 2008 leading to a banking license from the National Bank of Tajikistan by 2014.  The company holds the license for banking operations in both local and foreign currency.