In 2012, when the construction of the development has just started, no one could clearly imagine how it will all look like, and what is going to be inside. Recently, we have visited the development to learn about the latest progress and were impressed with the first, very well-designed buildings, landscaped area, variety of green spaces, kids playground, pedestrian zones and fountains.

Besides the meticulously built residential building, the development also consist of a modern "Jayhun" Business-center, "Diar Avenue" Trading center and "Reload" deluxe clubhouse that will be opening very soon.

Brighten up your mind, body and soul at “Reload” clubhouse

"Reload” clubhouse is an exclusive addition to all the other unique features of the development and will be one of its major sports and entertainment venues, where "Diar Dushanbe" tenants can relax after a busy working day - play with friends in billiard or table tennis, watch the key sport events on a big screen and in a cozy atmosphere, or exercise in a modern, fully equipped gym on a up-to-date sport equipment.

The clubhouse will also have a separate, state-of-the-art fitness and aerobics room. As for the young residents and computer game fans, there will be an opportunity to spend their leisure time and enjoy playing their favorite games in the PlayStation area. Thus, each member of the family, regardless of age but living in “Diar Dushanbe”, will be able to find something interesting to spend their free time with pleasure and joy.

New standards of urban living, available now for rent

An ultra-modern residential building, with apartments of various layouts are now available for long-term rent in ”Diar Dushanbe”. As confirmed in “Qatari Diar-Tajikistan”, the development managing company, the apartments allocated for sale have all been sold during the first period of the construction, though for those who are interested in a long-term rent, there are still certain options available.

The apartments offered for rent feature high-quality finishing and have very diverse layouts. Tenants can choose from fully furnished apartments with all the appliances provided, or an unfurnished option, that can be arranged according to one’s preference and taste.

"Jayhun" Business Center – an ideal home for successful companies

The business center is a five-storey modern building, with a spacious, bright lobby and retail spaces on the ground floor, office spaces on the top 5 floors, and a two-level, underground parking. «Jayhoun» Business-center offers a wealth of opportunities to companies looking for high quality office space in Dushanbe, with a variety of spaces available to suit the needs of all businesses.

An important aspect for any respected company is their future office location and its accessibility. Enjoying a privileged location close to the capital downtown and key administrative buildings, “Jayhun" is in just 5 km away from the airport, making it an ideal destination for advanced companies with long-term commitment.

The office spaces have panoramic windows that allow maximum use of natural light, and offer beautiful views from the workplace. The Business center will also have a modern conference room equipped with the most innovative technologies: a multimedia projector and a widescreen display, Wi-Fi, and etc. Tenants will be offered a spacious room with 40 seats for any sort of events - meetings, conferences, presentations or trainings.

"Diar Avenue" – most exclusive retail destination

Located on the podium floor of the residential building, "Diar Avenue" is going to be Dushanbe’s latest attraction and set to become an iconic commercial hub with its boutique shops, restaurant and café. The architectural layout of "Diar Avenue" is very impressive and harmoniously combines elegance and practicality, as well as local traditions with modern design tendencies. While “Diar Avenue” features many chances to shop and eat, the outdoor seating areas, fountains and beautifully kept green zones will serve as stress relieving and major recreational space for the tenants and visitors.

As confirmed by “Qatari Diar-Tajikistan”, the company is now doing final review of all the requests received from well-known brands to rent the boutique shops and restaurant, so that tenants and visitors can enjoy all the development benefits to the maximum.

Tenants’ safety and security is of the top priority

Of course, such a unique, mixed-use development will always be under increased public interest so we asked “Qatari Diar-Tajikistan” about the security measures applied and any additional services offered for “Diar Dushanbe” tenants. As noted by the company representative “We take pride in our wide selection of personal services provided and quality products installed at “Diar Dushanbe” that guarantees residents and tenants comfortable and secure environment”.

The buildings are all seismic resistance and have high protection against earthquakes (up to 9 points), confirmed by international experts, and equipped with most innovative telecommunications and engineering systems, backup power sources, advanced firefighting, fire alarm and air filtration systems – continues the source. Along the 24/7 mobile security patrols, each building is installed with video surveillance system (CCTV) monitoring and access control systems (ACS). In addition to that, professional team of experienced and specialized companies hired, to provide high quality facility and maintenance service for Diar Dushanbe residential, retail and office buildings, concluded at “Qatari Diar-Tajikistan”.

There is still more to come….

As noted in "Qatari Diar-Tajikistan", the development currently features only Phase1 buildings and will continue to grow, expending further. The following phases will include additional four residential and two office buildings, a 5-star boutique hotel with serviced apartments, a kindergarten, several sport zones, entertainment and wellness center with an indoor ice rink and swimming pool, sauna, spa-zone and gym.

So, after our visit and the tour around "Diar Dushanbe", we can say for sure that”:

It is unique - an individual approach to organizing the living and working environment, for those who value high-quality and comfort;

It is modern - new architectural and design solutions applied in "Diar Dushanbe" make it an ideal place to live, work and entertain;

It is safe – gated community, which fully complies with all the international safety standards;

It''s comfortable – facility and maintenance services, buildings management system, independent power & water supply and underground parking;

It is prestigious – the only development in Tajikistan of its scale, providing high quality facilities, personal attention and professional services;

It is beautiful – best panoramic views from the residential and office buildings, nicely design landscape with green area;

It is convenient - the development is located in a very convenient location, close to the city center, but away from the traffic noise.

By the way, recently a very nice promo video was released on “Diar Dushanbe” official Facebook page, demonstrating the advantages of the development and confirming all our above observations. The video can be viewed here :


"Diar Dushanbe" is one of the 49 prestigious projects of "Qatari Diar" - the largest company on the development of Qatar''s real estate and one of the most trusted and respected companies in the world, committed to quality, local community, strong partnerships and sustainable development. The company''s goal to become a world leader in innovative projects in the field of real estate.

The development is located at: Dushanbe, N. Huvaidulloev Street, 2/1, tel: +992 44 625 1111,