For the first time in Tajikistan, the textile and clothing companies and entrepreneurs with best achievements in 2019 received recognition and awards.

On Thursday July 18, the Union of Private Sector Development of Tajikistan (UPSDT) in cooperation with the International Trade Center (ITC)’s Global Textile and Clothing Program, which is funded by the Swiss Government, organized the National Forum on the Textile and Clothing Sector of Tajikistan in Dushanbe. According to ITC Tajikistan, representatives of the textile and clothing companies, trade and business associations, consulting companies, related state agencies, and international organizations gathered together to discuss development issues of the textile and clothing sector in the country.

Mr. Fayzali Rajabov, who was elected yesterday as Chairman of Board of the Union of Private Sector Development of Tajikistan (UPSDT) for another three years term, said: “Our neighbors pay close attention to their textile and clothing sector and provide incentives and support them  to enter regional and global markets in addition to dominating own internal clothing markets.  We shouldn’t be off the trend and we have to think on how we can increase full processing of cotton fiber to the final product within the country.  Only by improving the capacity of local textile and clothing companies and provision of favorable legal, intellectual, and financial environment we can reach the strategic goal of full cotton processing to the final product within the country, be competitive in the regional and international markets and not to lose our positions in the domestic market”.

A representative of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of Tajikistan introduced the Forum participants with current situation in the sector and state programs on developing the full processing of the cotton fiber to the final product, as well as spinning, yarn weaving, knitting, and garment production.

A study on the current status of Tajikistan’s apparel market conducted by Professor Azizullo Avezov and consulting company “Business Consulting” with ITC support has been presented in this event.

Also, the Forum participants were familiarized with activities and programs of the UPSDT, the textile and clothing companies, the ITC GTEX program, and the Tajikistan’s Light Industry Sector Labor Union.

During the Forum, for the first time in Tajikistan the best companies and entrepreneurs of the clothing and textile sector of the country in 2019 were recognized in five categories and awarded:  best company in full processing of cotton finer: 1) “Giavoni” (Khujand); 2) “CATH” (Khujand); best spinning company: “Fayzi Istiqlol – 2011” (Hisor); Best knitting company: “Vahdat” (Yovon); best garment factory: 1) “Lider” (Khujand); 2) “Gulistoni Dushanbe” (Dushanbe); and best sector young entrepreneur: Mr. Ilhom Mirzoyev, owner and director, “Vahdat” (Yovon).

Tajikistan’s textile and clothing sector veterans and heads of the active UPSDT members were also been recognized for their role and efforts in development of the country’s industry.

At the end, new members of the UPSDT Board, the UPSDT Steering Committee, as well as the new UPSDT Board Chairman were elected.  

The International Trade Center, supported by the Government of Switzerland, aims to increase the export competitiveness of the Tajik textile and clothing sector by supporting sector companies, and relevant trade support institutions from both public and private sectors.