One of subdivisions of Barakati Jomi Company operating in Khatlon’s Jomi district has been transferred to the state.

Jomi district head Saeed Yoqubzod remarked this at a news conference on July 24.

According to him, a government commission has already been set up to deal with accounting for transferring the company to the state.

Jomi district head further noted that he did not know the exact reason for transferring the company to the state.

“Meanwhile, representatives of the company engaging in animal husbandry says they have failed to pay off their bank debts in time, and therefore, 400 hectares of lands and 200 head of cattle are transferred to the state,” Yoqubzod noted.  

Barakati Jomi, which is owned by the family of Murodali Alimardonov, who heads Agroivestbonk, operates in the Jomi district in several directions: seed-growing; gardening; and livestock breeding.  A total debt of this company reportedly amounts to 489,674 somoni.

Two companies owned by the Alimardonov family have operated in the Jomi district and their total debt reportedly amounts to 1.5 million somoni.

A source within the Khatlon law enforcement authorities has told Asia-Plus that criminal proceedings were instituted against Barakati Jomi head Murodali Mirzoyev and he has been under investigation for already two months.