Negotiations between civil aviation authorities of Tajikistan and the Russian Federation on operating charter flights this month are under still under way. 

Citing a source within the Ministry of Transport of Tajikistan, Radio Liberty’s Tajik Service, known locally as Radio Ozodi, says the Russian sides has made it a condition that the majority of charter flights must be operated by Russian air companies.  

“Tajik companies have been put at a disadvantage.  The Russian side says more than 50 percent of charter flights should be operated by Russian airlines,” the source told Radio Ozodi.  

He further noted that “they were conducting negotiations with the Russian authorities on charter flights but failed to reach an agreement at the last moment.”  

Representatives of the Tajik civil aviation authorities neither confirmed nor denied this information.  They just said that the negotiations were under way.

“We are currently conducting negotiations, clarifying all aspects and discussing the schedule of charter flights for November.  We hope to reach an agreement within the next few days and all will be well,” the source at the Civil Aviation Agency said, noting that the exact date of resumption of regular flights between Tajikistan and Russia is still unknown.  

Recall, six charter flights were operated from Russia to Tajikistan on Friday, October 30.  In accordance with the charter flight schedule, three flights were operated from Moscow and one flight from St Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Ufa.  

Besides, three charter flights were conducted from Moscow and one charter flight was conducted from Krasnoyarsk on October 31.  

All these flights have been coordinated with the Russian civil aviation authorities and it is still unknown whether regular flights between Tajikistan Russia will be resumed this year or not.  

Air traffic between Tajikistan and Russia has been suspended since March 20, 2020.  

Recall, Tajik authorities have suspended all international flights.  Tajikistan closed all its airports at midnight on March 19-20 due to the coronavirus concerns.  Only charters flights to repatriate Tajik nationals stranded in foreign countries due to the coronavirus crisis have been operated so far.     

In early August, Tajikistan resumed regular flights to Dubai.