During his visit to the Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO), the Minister of Industry and New Technologies Sherali Kabir on June 28 inspected a number of industrial facilities operating in the region. 

According to the GBAO regional administration, GBAO governor Alisher Mirzonabot accompanied him on that inspection.  

They, in particular, get acquainted with operation of the small enterprise Tuti Pomir (Pamir Mulberry) enterprise based in Suchan jamoat, Shugnan district.

 It is to be noted there are more than 60 varieties of mulberry in the Pamir region, the result of centuries of natural selection and adaptation. They can be eaten raw or transformed into jams and syrups; the berries can also be eaten dried, whole or ground, and made into pikht, which is generally mixed with other seeds and cereals to make a traditional sweet food.

Tuti Pomir has recently displayed its products at the international exhibition, dubbed Tajikistan 2022, in Dushanbe.  

Tuti Pomir Tojiddin Saidyunonov says their product is, first of all, ecologically pure and high quality and it currently is exported to Russia and some other foreign countries. 

“We have put on display ten types of sweet foods produced from mulberries, apricots, figs, and other fruits at the international fair in Dushanbe.  Foreign companies are interested in our products and we have already received several export offers.  We plan to increase our production capacity in the future,” Saidyunonov said.  

On Tuesday, Sherali Kabir also visited the vocational and technical school based in Debasta jamoat of Shugnan district.

During a meeting with teachers and students of the school, the minister pointed to the necessity of training specialists being in demand in the modern labor market.    

In Roshtqala district, the minister and GBAO governor visited a wool-processing enterprise. 

The industrialization program provides for launching a number of small enterprises in GBAO that would be engaged in processing local raw materials, the GBAO regional administration says.