A training Internet portal entitled Tajikistan Export School has bene launched in Tajikistan.

The portal offered by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tajikistan (CCI) is reportedly dedicated to training small businesses in the country on the export procedures and requirements.

The following courses are available free of charge to the business community of Tajikistan willing to improve their understanding of the international trade rules and their skills on applying the standards, preparing the documentation, and following the most important steps to sell their products on foreign markets: 1) international trade rules; 2) export process; 3) European Union market requirements; 4) quality and compliance; and 5) road transit routes. 

This training program is implemented within the framework of the EU-funded project, Ready4Trade Central Asia (R4TCA), which is implemented by the International Trade Center (ITC).  

The four R4TCA project is a trade component of a larger EU-funded program, which aims to support Investment, Competitiveness and Trade in Central Asia, thus contributing to sustainable and inclusive economic development in the region. The project supports the development of intra-regional and international trade in five Central Asian countries.