Over the first two months of this year, twenty-three countries of the world provided 6.730.5 million US dollars’ worth of 2,413.5 tons of humanitarian aid to Tajikistan, according to the Agency for Statistics under the President of Tajikistan.

In value, this is 6.4 times fewer compared to January-February last year.  Over the first two months of last year, thirty countries of the world provided nearly US$4.4 million worth of humanitarian aid to Tajikistan. 

In January-February this year, among donor countries the greatest share reportedly came from China – 42.1 percent; Turkiye – 14.3 percent the United States – 12.2 percent; Russia – 11.3 percent; Denmark – 6.2 percent; the Republic of Korea – 4.9 percent; the Netherlands – 2.0 percent; Germany – 1.6 percent; Mexico – 1.1 percent; Uzbekistan and Barbados – 1.0 percent each; and others. 

Tajikistan belongs to low-income countries, who receive humanitarian aid as well as financial aid from international financial institutions -- grants and highly concessional loans, technical aid.

A total cost of humanitarian aid received by Tajikistan last year is 2.5 times higher than grants of international financial institutions planned for 2023 to support the country’s public budget.