The Asian Development Bank (ADB) President Masatsugu Asakawa is planning to visit Tajikistan from June 12-13, according to the ADB Tajikistan Resident Mission (TJRM).

It will be his first visit to Tajikistan, and President Asakawa is expected to meet with President Emomali Rahmon and other high-ranking Tajik state officials to consult on Tajikistan development needs and ADB’s assistance program in the country; to lead the celebrations of 25 years of partnership between Tajikistan and ADB; and to visit some of the ADB project sites.

“We are proud of our partnership with the country, and I want to thank you for your support.  Journalists are among our key partners; you are important in telling true stories about our work and building trust,” said Ms. Shanny Campbell, ADB Country Director for Tajikistan.   

The Asian Development Bank is one of Tajikistan's largest financial donors. 

2023 marks 25 years of partnership between Tajikistan and ADB, and 20 years of establishing the Tajikistan Resident Mission.  ADB has partnered with Tajikistan since 1998. 

Since 2018, the ADB has provided financial assistance to Tajikistan only in the form of grants.

Under the Bank’s Country Partnership Strategy, 2021-2025, ADB operations pursue three strategic priorities: supporting structural reforms to enhance resource allocation and mobilization, improving labor productivity through human capital development, and fostering better livelihoods through investment in a land-linked economy. 

Since 1998, ADB approved over 180 projects to Tajikistan for a total of $2.5 billion, including over $1.9 billion in grants.  Transport accounts for 34% of our total assistance, energy – 24%, public sector management – 12%, agriculture – 11%, other sectors include health, education, finance, urban infrastructure.

In 2023, the Bank is preparing two new projects for approval by the end of the year: power sector development, and improving access and quality of general secondary education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Mr. Asakawa assumed office as the ADB President on January 17, 2020.  Under Mr. Asakawa’s leadership, ADB made significant contributions to the region’s COVID-19 pandemic response and recovery planning with a $20 billion comprehensive response package and $9 billion Asia Pacific Vaccine Access Facility.  He also played a key role in rolling out a series of new and innovative financing initiatives—including an Energy Transition Mechanism — to spur the region’s low-carbon development and elevated ADB’s 2030 cumulative climate financing ambition to $100 billion as ADB continues to focus on the battle against climate change.  As Asia and the Pacific’s climate bank, ADB is placing climate actions at the top of its work.

Prior to joining ADB, Mr. Asakawa served as Special Advisor to Japan’s Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, and has a close-to-four decades’ career at the Ministry of Finance with diverse professional experience at both domestic and international fronts.

Mr. Asakawa obtained his BA from University of Tokyo (Economics Faculty) in 1981, and MPA from Princeton University, USA, in 1985.