Kamaz turned over at the entrance to the tunnel "Shahristan".

Due to the incident that occurred today on the 154th kilometer of the Dushanbe-Khujand highway, the road is currently closed: a long traffic jam. This is reported by eyewitnesses.

According to them, at the entrance to the Shahristan tunnel, Kamaz driver (state number 9850 EВ02) did not manage the transportation control at the turn and the car crashed into the mountain. As a result, the trailer of the truck turned over and blocked the road.

Ilkhom, an eyewitness of the incident, sent us photos from the place of emergency. He said that more than 100 vehicles have been standing here for more than an hour.

«We have been standing for an hour, more than 100 cars have accumulated on both sides. There are no IRS employees and rescuers. Drivers try to solve the problem, but it does not work», - Ilkhom said.

The IRS said that the relevant equipment is aimed at the scene of an accident and soon the traffic will be restored.

«We know that at 154 kilometers there was an emergency. Since it is difficult to work there, we sent additional forces. The difficulty is that the overturned trailer is loaded. In the near future, the traffic will be restored», - IRS spokesman Daler Merganov said.