The tragedy occurred on September 1 late in the evening in the kitchen of the cafe "Shomi Kala", which is located near the Gissar fortress.

«A gas cylinder exploded in the kitchen, nine employees were injured», -  said the head of the press center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan Umarjon Emomali.

According to him, the owner of the cafe is a local businessman Zoir Olimov.

«Doctors assess the condition of two victims of the explosion as hard», - noted Umarjon Emomali.

Other details the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs did not report.

Meanwhile, other media reports that the owner of the restaurant, Zoir Olimov, his son and daughter, as well as restaurant employees, suffered as a result of the explosion..

All injured were hospitalized in Gissar Central Hospital.

Restaurant "Shomi Kala" is one of the most popular establishments in Gissar. The restaurant was built several years ago next to the Honakokh River near the Gissar Fortress. “Shomi Kala” is popular for its fried chicken.