Of five persons killed in traffic accidents in Tajikistan from September 7 to September 9, four are children, according to the Interior Ministry’s website.

On September 7, Opel-Astra driven by 24-year-old Diljon Mallayev ran over a 3-year-old Firuzsho Mirzoyev in the Kushoniyon district of the Khatlon province.  The boy died on the spot.

On the same day, tractor driven by Gurez Nazrishoyev ran over a 9-year-old cyclist Ibrohim Rajabov in the Panj district of the Khatlon province.  The boy died on the spot.  

Another fatal traffic accident involving two cars took place in Dushanbe in the evening of September 8.

The accident took place at 8:50 pm not far from the Kokhi Borbad State Complex.  Minivan Hyundai Starex driven by J. Emomov crashed into Mercedes-Benz driven by a 19-year-old F. Avloqulov, which in turn ran over two teens – a 15-year-old Siyovoush Zafar and a 17-year-old Ayub Muhiddinzoda.  The teens died on the way to a hospital.          

On September 9, Opel-Astra driven by Muhiddinjon Saidov ran over a 39-year-old Shoira Aburahmonova in the Bobojon-Ghafourov district of the Sughd province.  The woman died on the spot.