A small-time killer has got a jail term of eight years for an attempt to kill a Tajik national in St. Petersburg.

A court in St. Petersburg’s Moskovsky district sentenced local resident Aleksey Yanulevichus, 25, to eight years in prison on November 25.  The sentence followed his conviction on charges of an attempted murder, according to Fontanka.

Yanulevichus will serve his jail term in a high-security penal colony.

He reportedly shot at Tajik national Samadov, who works at a market in Kupchino, in the early morning of February 22, 2018.  He hit the head, torso and arm but did not inflict fatal wounds.

A criminal mastermind Anton Ikonnikov reportedly ordered the killing of Samadov following a fight with Samadov at the Kupchino market. 

Ikonnikov found the murder performer and found him a gun and ammunition.

In February 2018, another person explained the task to Yanulevichus and taught him to use the gun.  The case of this person is treated as a separate case.