The Aga Khan Agency for Habitat (AKAH) Tajikistan, has provided rapid emergency support to clear the mud deposition and prevent further earth motion in Navobod village of Abdurahmoni-Jomi district in Khatlon province, as a result which 16 houses were fully destroyed, 14 houses are still at a high risk of collapsing and over 168 households were evacuated to safe zones, according to press release issued by the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) Tajikistan on May 10.   

AKAH provided the assistance at the request of the Chairman of the Emergencies Committee, Lieutenant-General Rustam Nazarzoda, following the heavy rains between May 7-8, causing heavy soil erosion and leading to earth motion in the area.

The support comprised of 5 tons of diesel to power the machinery used to clear the access to damaged area and alleviate the further earth motion in Abdurahmoni-Jomi district, as well as showed readiness to support with other needs and technical assessment as needed.   

AKAH’s Head of Emergency Management Department Najib Yaminov shared that, “given the winter precipitations and conditions of this year, the probability of similar cases is high, and it is therefore essential for emergency response partners to enhance the collaboration and consider storing the required number of supplies, such as food and non-food items, fuel, and alternative solutions for displaced communities.  The disaster caused huge damage to over 168 households, including those, who lost their assets fully and those still under a high risk of loss.  These households lost not only their belongings, but also sources of livelihoods such as vegetable gardens, cattle, and poultry, which is of high concern for the government”.

AKAH is on standby to support the Tajik rescue services and other partners to alleviate the impact on lives and livelihoods and remains fully committed to fulfilling its mandate of ensuring the resilience of communities across Tajikistan, following disasters such as this, especially during these challenging times.  The Aga Khan Agency for Habitat (AKAH), which merges the capabilities of Focus Humanitarian Assistance, the Aga Khan Planning and Building Services, and the Aga Khan Development Network’s Disaster Risk Management Initiative, focuses on preparing for both sudden and slow-onset disasters. AKAH works to ensure that poor people live in physical settings that are as safe as possible from the effects of natural disasters; that residents who do live in high-risk areas are able to cope with disasters in terms of preparedness and response; and that these settings provide access to social and financial services that lead to greater opportunity and a better quality of life.  Initially, priority areas of AKAH will include Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and India.