An explosion occurred in fuel storage tanks.

Nine people received moderate and light burns as a result of an explosion at a filling station of «Soni-S» LLC, located in the village of Zarhez, Jalodiddin Balkhi district. The deaths of citizens are not registered, reported by the press center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan.

An explosion at a gas station occurred on May 31, at about 15:45, in fuel storage tanks. To extinguish the fire that occurred after the explosion, which covered 40 square meters, seven fire brigades were involved, the report says.

Firefighters localized the fire and prevented it from spreading to nearby buildings and structures.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs reports that as a result of a preliminary investigation, it was established that the cause of the explosion in the storage tanks was the wear of the compressed air release valve in the fuel tank..

The amount of damage caused by fire is established by a competent commission and specialists.