As a result, three people were hospitalized with various injuries.

A group of residents of the Kyrgyz village of Koktash yesterday threw stones at Tajik schoolgirls and then beat them: the incident took place near the Tajik village of Somoniyon of the Chorkukh jamoat. This was reported to Asia-Plus by local residents and a source in the Mayor's Office of Isfara.

«At 11:00, Kyrgyz residents from the border village of Koktash first threw stones at two schoolgirls and then beat them. Not only that, they broke into their house and beat their parents. They say that a small child in the house was also injured», - a local resident told Asia-Plus.

According to him, the man has a broken jaw and nose, he was hospitalized.

Isfara Central Hospital confirmed that three people were hospitalized as a result of the incident, but did not provide details.

A source in the Isfara mayor's office, who declined to give his name, told Asia-Plus that the head of the Chorkuh jamoat and the mayor of the city have arrived at the scene of the incident and are holding talks with their Kyrgyz counterparts.

Officially, the mayor's office did not confirm this information to "Asia-Plus".

Meanwhile, according to the Kyrgyz portal, schoolchildren allegedly also participated in the incident from the Kyrgyz side.

According to the website, a fight broke out between schoolchildren of border villages in the Dakhma area of the Batken region on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border..  

It is clarified that the domestic incident occurred yesterday at about 14.00. According to preliminary data, Tajik schoolchildren fought with Kyrgyz.

«In response, Kyrgyzstani beat Tajiks. ИIt is known that the negotiations are now being conducted by the akims of the Batken region of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Isfara region of the Republic of Tajikistan», - website reports.