A young specialist from the Shahritous land management committee, Firouz Hurmatov, was found hanged in his house yesterday afternoon, a reliable source told Asia-Plus in an interview. 

The district law enforcement authorities suggest that it was suicide.  

“Most likely, Hurmatov committed suicide.  We will be able to accurately say the cause of death only after an examination and investigation,“ a source within the Shahritous police department told Asia-Plus today morning.

He refrained from giving further details of the incident.

It is to be noted that it is already the second such an incident in Khatlon’s Shahritous district over the past month.

The chairman of the “Joura Nazarov” jamoat (village community) in Shahritous district, Khoushqadam Nodirov, 34, was found hanged in his house on the night of February 10.   

Khoushqadam Nodirov had previously worked as notary and chief specialist of the department on observing national traditions and rituals in this jamoat.  

A source within the Shahritous district administration said that the day before the incident, Nodirov held a public meeting to discuss issues related to suicide problems, preventing offences and involvement of youth into extremist and terrorist organizations.  

There were also rumors that three days before his death, the deceased took a 30,000-somoni loan from a bank. 

But Ghaffor Jabbori, the head of the Shahritous district, told reporters in the district administrative center on February 15 that Khoushqadam Nodirov committed suicide following family problems. 

According to him, Nodirov left a suicide note, in which he says he decided to take his own life due to family problems.