Torrential rain on March 6 caused a series of mudflows in the area near the village of Chashma, which is subordinate to the city of Tursunzoda, according to the Emergencies Committee under the Government of Tajikistan.   

Two 18-year-olds were killed by a massive mudflow while trying to save grazing cattle.  The tragedy reportedly took place Sunday afternoon, at 3:20 pm,  

As a result of the search operation, their bodies were found about four kilometers from the 4 kilometers from the scene of the accident.  

Torrential rain also caused the rise in water levels in the Qaratogh River and Mullo-Shodi Canal that, in turn, increased the risk of residential flooding.

A special commission is working in the area to assess the actual damage caused to the disaster to the area.   

According to information form the Hydrometeorology Agency of Tajikistan (Hydromet), the unstable weather will continue in the country until the end of this week.