The driver and another passenger miraculously survived the head-on collision and are now in the hospital.

As a result of a traffic accident in the city of Syzran, Samara region of Russia, three young Tajiks were killed, two more were injured, the Embassy of Tajikistan in Russia reported on its Facebook page..

The diplomatic mission notes that the Consulate General of Tajikistan in Ufa expressed its readiness to provide the necessary assistance to the relatives of the dead and injured.

This case is under control at the embassy and consulate general of Tajikistan in the city of Ufa, the embassy noted, but no further details were reported.

Human rights activist Karimjon Yorov was the first to report about the accident involving Tajiks on the 925th kilometer of the M5 Ural highway.

He wrote that the accident happened on August 29 at 7:30: a Kia Rio car and a MAN van loaded with flour collided. The collision killed three passengers of the car, the driver and another passenger were injured.