The population of the village of Chorkishlok in the city of Isfara is more than 5,000 people. On September 14-16, their peace and peaceful life were violated by shelling from the Kyrgyz territory.

 “Asia-Plus” correspondent visited the site and talked to the residents of this border village, who had suffered greatly as a result of the conflict.

Four people were killed and 14 wounded in this village. According to local residents, on the morning of September 14 and 16, the Kyrgyz military fired grenade launchers several times, as a result of which houses caught fire. More than 10 houses of this village were burned.

"After the shelling for the first time, when there was a slight silence, the villagers gathered and went to help their neighbors, whose houses were on fire. However, a few moments later, the Kyrgyz soldiers again intensified the fire, as a result of which 4 people were killed and 14 were injured", - they said.

"After the ceasefire, we found the bodies of 4 dead. We had to collect the bodies of two of them in parts. We wrapped them in cellophane and buried them", - says one of the residents.

"The body of a 15-year-old girl, who also died as a result of shelling, we had to take to the cemetery of another village, because the cemetery was also shelled from the Kyrgyz side", - says another resident.

All residents of this village say they did not expect such cruelty from their Kyrgyz neighbors. Now they are forced to come to terms with reality and, possibly, change their usual way of life, including relations with neighbors, they say.