During the liquidation of the consequences of a natural disaster in the affected areas of Tajikistan, the bodies of four more victims were found. Thus, their number has grown to 21, 17 deaths were reported yesterday.

During the day, the bodies of two more were found in Vakhdat and two in Varzob, among them a 40–day-old child, the head of the press service of the Emergency Committee of Tajikistan Umeda Yusufi told “Asia-Plus”.

According to her, in general, 17 people died from the elements in Vakhdat, and two people died in the districts in Rudaki and Varzob.

The bodies were handed over to the relevant authorities to establish their identity, Yusufi noted.

It should be noted that on the morning after the emergency on August 28, 13 people were reported dead – 11 of them in Vakhdat, two more in Rudaki.

Umeda Yusufi reported that 3 tons of diesel fuel were allocated at the expense of the Emergency commission for restoration work in the city of Vakhdat and 2 tons for Hissar city.

Now the Vakhdat-Romit highway has been completely cleared of mudstone and traffic has been restored along it, she said.

According to her, local emergency Commissions are working at the scene and the amount of damage is still being determined.

Earlier it was reported that on behalf of the President of the country, a government working group was created, which visited the affected areas the day before.

The elements struck Tajikistan on August 27. Mudslides and landslides led to serious destruction in the cities of Dushanbe, Vakhdat and Hissar, as well as in the districts of Rudaki, Varzob, Devashtich, Rasht, Sangvor and Tajikabad.