DUSHANBE, January 3, Asia-Plus - Citizen of Italy, Ivo Toniut, has sent letter for help (Asia-Plus received a copy of the letter on December 31) to Tajikistan’s Foreign Minister Talbak Nazarov, President’s Executive Office, as swell as German and Italian Embassies and Amnesty International organization.

In the letter, Mr. Toniut notes that in early 2003 he was taken under custody and held in pretrial detention facility during five months to the detriment of his health. 

“After release, despite my moral, physical and financial state, I was forced to stay in the republic because a fine was imposed on me and I have not been able to leave the republic unless I pay the fine,” the letter says.    

“Several days ago, representative from Tajik prosecutor’s office intends to sentence me to imprisonment for the period from eight to twelve years against justice,” says the letter, “I was compelled to sign an obligation, under which I will be taken under custody if I does not pay my debt before December 31 2005 .”  

“I consider these measures unfair,” Mr. Toniut states in his letter.

Noting that Tajik authorities have refused to extend his visa, Ivo Toniut asks diplomatic missions, and the Tajik president’s office to provide assistance in settling the situation.