QURGHON TEPPA, May 29, Asia-Plus - 30 enterprises and organizations of Qurghon Teppa, the capital of the Khatlon province, offered totaling 480 vacancies in a vacancies’ fair that was held in Qurghon Teppa on May 27. 

The fair was staged by the “Dastgiri” NGO in cooperation with the Qurghon Teppa Employment Center

Ms. Gulru Mahmoudova, chairperson of the “Gulru” NGO, has told Asia -Plus that 17,250 jobless have to date officially been registered in the province.  12 fairs have been held in Qurghon Teppa since the beginning of this year and 1,320 jobless have been placed in jobs in those fairs, according to Ms. Mahmoudova.  

Under the government’s program to support employment of Tajikistan ’s population designed for 2006-2007 more than 30,000 new jobs are supposed to be created in the Khatlon province.