DUSHANBE, September 14, Asia-Plus -- Tajik Prosecutor-General’s Office has completed investigation into case of Gulmahmad Rajabzoda, who is suspected to be member of transnational drug-trafficking ring that was engaged in smuggling narcotics into the Russian Federation, Asia-plus has learned at the Prosecutor-General’s Office.  

The preliminary investigation has established that Rajabzoda joined that transnational drug-trafficking ring led by the Russian national Abdushukur Irmatov in May 2007.  Rajabzoda was arrested in Khujand, Sughd in May 2007.  

He faces charges under three articles of Tajikistan’s Criminal Code: Article 187, Part 2 (participation in criminal grouping); Article 200, Part 4 (drug trafficking); and Article 298, Part 4 (smuggling).  

            The source at the Tajik chief prosecutor’s office noted that the ringleader Abdushukur Irmatov and six members of the ring were arrested in Russia’s Bashkortostan republic on August 22, 2005 already.  255 kilograms of heroin, 65 kilograms of raw opium and 9 kilograms of marijuana were confiscated from them.  It was the largest single consignment of drugs ever sized in Russia, according to the source.   

            In March 2007, Irmatov was sentenced to 21 years in jail.  It was established, that the ring was smuggling narcotics into Russia during three years