Due to efforts of the Prosecutor-General’s Office and other law enforcement agencies of the country 1.35 billion somoni of “the stolen money” were given back to banks last year , Tajik chief prosecutor Yusuf Rahmon told reporters in Dushanbe today.  

According to him, the country’s law enforcement authorities last year instituted criminal proceedings against more than 300 people, including employees of the country’s distressed banks, including Tajik Sodirot Bonk (TSB), Agroinvestbonk, Tajprombank and Fononbonk, over financial crimes. 

Rahmon stressed that joint investigation groups that were set up last year to launch probe into the crisis in the country’s banking sector would continue their work this year as well.   

Tajik chief prosecutor further noted that 363 people were punished last year for violating the law on observing national traditions and rituals.  Administrative action was reportedly imposed upon them.

Besides, administration action was imposed upon 2,750 people for violation of the parental law, Rahmon added.