The 29-year-old man escaped from the Shohmansur district court building and dropped from the new building. Prosecutor's Office of Shohmansur investigates the case after death.

As it became known to the "AP" in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the man was detained on suspicion of participating in extremist groups.

 «Vakhdat resident Farhod Safarmamadov was detained on September 16 by officers of the Department to Combat Organized Crime (DCOC) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan on suspicion of participation in extremist groups. He was taken to the court of the Shohmansur district. The court decided to arrest him. However, the suspect managed to escape on leaving the court building», - source in the law enforcement agency reported.

 «After escaping, police began to pursue him, but he managed to climb a high-rise building near the court and commit suicide by throwing himself out of the window of the new building», - a source reported.

Shohmansur district prosecutor's office confirmed this information, but refused to provide details.

 «This case is being investigated by our employees, but so far we can not provide details», reported in the district prosecutor's office.