The deputies of the Tajik parliament believe that the new head of GBAO is well aware of the problems of the region and that the aspirations of the people are not alien to him.

«Yodgor Fayzov, appointed to the post of head of GBAO, is quite able to solve many problems of the region», - declared to “AP” the deputy of the lower house of parliament of the republic Nurali Riyoev, who until June of this year was the first deputy chairman of the GBAO.

«Fayzov has the experience of leadership, communication with the people, he is demanding of himself and others, enjoys prestige among the population of the region, in difficult years for the republic and region he was always among the people, explaining to them the policies of the president and the government», - the deputy noted.

According to him, it was Faizov who, during the Khorog events of 2012, assumed the role of mediator in negotiations between the government and the ex-field commanders.

«Then he proved in practice that both ex-commanders and government representatives listened to him.», - Riyoev stressed.

Another member of the lower house of the parliament of Tajikistan from the GBAO, Amrikhudo Damdor, who worked in the regional committee of the Komsomol of the region during the Soviet period, along with Yodgor Fayzov, is also convinced that he will cope with the tasks assigned to him.

«The most important thing is that Fayzov believes the majority of the population of the region, he was among the people in difficult times, he was well aware of the problems of the region, he was not alien to the aspirations of the population», - считает Дамдор.

Yodgor Fayzov is 56 years old, he is a native of the Jamoat Porshnyov, Shugnan district of GBAO. A graduate of the Tajik Agrarian University, specializing in a veterinarian, said the source in the administration of the GBAO.

In the late 80s, he headed the Komsomol Regional Committee of the GBAO, in the 90s he moved to the office of the Aga Khan Foundation in Tajikistan, which he also headed before being appointed chairman of the region. Speaks English and German.

Shodihon Jamshed was removed from his post as head of the GBAO in connection with his transfer to another job, the press service of the President of the Republic informs.. The corresponding decree of the head of state was signed on October 1 of this year. He headed the GBAO since 2013, previously served as chairman of the Shugnan district of this region.

Personnel changes in the region occurred two weeks after the country's President Emomali Rahmon’s working visit to GBAO, during which he criticized local authorities for arbitrariness and lawlessness in the region. The head of state then gave a month to restore law and order in the region. After returning from Khorog to Dushanbe, the president replaced all the deputy heads of GBAO, the head of the regional police, the chairman of the regional court, the heads of Khorog, Rushan and Roshtkala district.