Mahmadsaid Ubaidulloyev, Chairman of the Majlisi Milli (Tajikistan’s upper chamber of parliament), heading a Tajik parliamentary delegation, is leaving for Saint Petersburg today for participation in a session of the CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (IPA CIS) and in a session of IPA CIS Council, an official source within the Majlisi Milli told Asia-Plus in an interview. 

CIS parliament speakers will discuss and adopt the plan of actions dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.  

While in Saint Petersburg, Ubaidulloyev is also expected to hold a number of bilateral meetings with parliament speakers of the CIS member nation, the source added.

CIS IPA was created on March 27, 1992 in Almaty (Kazakhstan) under the terms of the Agreement signed by Heads of founding parliaments.  In 1995, the session of the Council of the CIS Heads of State held in Minsk, Belarus consolidated the status of IPA CIS as a fully-fledged international organization. On May 26, 1995 CIS leaders signed the Convention on the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of Member Nations of the Commonwealth of Independent States eventually ratified by nine CIS parliaments.  Under the terms of the Convention, the IPA CIS was invested with international legitimacy.

The CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly consists of national parliamentary delegations.  A Parliamentary Delegation consists of representatives of a Member Nation elected or appointed by the Parliament of a Member Nation Party to the IPA CIS Convention from among their members and in compliance with respective internal regulations.  A parliamentary delegation is led by the Head of parliamentary delegation.  IPA CIS Council is responsible for the organization of work of the Assembly.  The Council is presided over by the Chairperson.