On Tuesday February 2, the newly appointed Ambassador of the Sovereign Order of Malta to Tajikistan, Mr. Yvan Lalanne, presented copies of his credentials to Tajik Deputy Foreign Minister, Mr. Muzaffar Huseynzoda. 

After the ceremony of presentation of the copies of credentials, the sides exchanged views on bilateral relations, as well as international and regional issues being of mutual interest, according to the Tajik MFA information department. 

Tajik Deputy Foreign Minister congratulated the Maltese Ambassador on his appointment and wished him success in implementation of his diplomatic mission in Tajikistan.

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM), officially the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta, commonly known as the Order of Malta, Malta Order or Knights of Malta, is a Catholic lay religious order, traditionally of military, chivalric and noble nature. Though it possesses no territory, the order is a sovereign entity of international law and maintains diplomatic relations with many countries.

SMOM is led by an elected Prince and Grand Master.  Its motto is Tuitio fidei et obsequium pauperum ('defense of the faith and assistance to the poor'). 

SMOM has formal diplomatic relations with 110 states and has official relations with another five states and with the European Union.  Additionally it has relations with the International Committee for the Red Cross and a number of international organizations, including observer status at the UN and some of the specialized agencies.  Its international nature is useful in enabling it to pursue its humanitarian activities without being seen as an operative of any particular nation.  Its sovereignty is also expressed in the issuance of passports, license plates, stamps, and coins.