DUSHANBE, December 18, Asia-Plus - Demands of Tajik society to the new cabinet will be stricter than those to the previous one, Muhiddin Kabiri, deputy of the Majlisi Namoyandagon also leader of the Islamic Revival Party (IRPT), remarked at the fifth joint session of parliament’s chambers on December 16.  

The previous government was the government of post-conflict period and it coped with its tasks.  “The new cabinet has to accomplish the task of providing economic growth in the country,” said Kabiri, “The new government should listen to the public opinion and be accountable to the public for its actions and activity of ministers should be transparent.”  

He added, “The government ought not to be afraid of reasoned and constructive criticism offered by the people because it is normal thing in any democratic society.”  Kabiri underlined importance of national, Islamic and universal democratic values.  “Only in this case, society will be with its government and support its actions,” the IRPT leader said.