In a televised address, President Emomali Rahmon yesterday congratulated Tajik military on the National Army Day, which is marked in Tajikistan on February 23.

“More than three decades, military personnel have been protecting independence and freedom of the Tajik state, the Motherland’s borders, security, stability and peaceful life of the people,” says the president’s congratulatory message released on the occasion of the 31st anniversary of the formation of the Tajik National Army.  

Emomali Rahmon notes that the country’s Armed Forces are a creation of the independence era and from the first days of formation, they took on a difficult and responsible task of restoring the constitutional order and protecting freedom and independence of the country.  

“I express my deep gratitude to the personnel of the Armed Forces, servicemen of other military structures and officers of the law enforcement agencies for faithful service for the benefit of the state and people of Tajikistan,” the message says.  

Recall, there will be no military parade this year on the occasion of the anniversary of Tajikistan’s national army.  A solemn meeting and festive concert dedicated to the 31st anniversary of Tajikistan’s National Army are expected to take place at the Kokhi Vahdat State Complex in Dushanbe today, a source within the Ministry of Defense (MoD) told Asia-Plus Wednesday afternoon.        

Besides, various contests, sports activities and meetings are being organized in MoD military units on the occasion of Tajik National Army Day, he added.

Meanwhile, a number of activities dedicated to the anniversary of the Tajik national army have already been carried out in Dushanbe.

Official opneing of the military festival, February 21, 2024

Thus, by instruction of Dushanbe Mayor Rustam Emomali the fourth military festival, dubbed “I Will Faithfully Serve the Country and the People”, officially opened in military unit 3502 of the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Tajikistan on February 21.  This festival of friendship of officers, soldiers and young people of draft age, totaling more than 2000 people, ran in all military units based in Dushanbe through February 22.

The military festival included competitions between Dushanbe-based military units on mini football, Tajik national wrestling, volleyball, chess and athletics.  The final stage of the military festival -- awarding ceremony and closing ceremony – is taking place at Kokhi Surush Business Center today, starting time: 2:00 pm.    

The National Army Day has been marked in Tajikistan on February 23 since 1993.

Tajikistan’s National Army now consists of Air and Air Defense Forces, Land Forces and Mobile Forces.  The Mobile Force of Tajik Army was founded in 2005 without increase in a total strength of the country’s armed forces.  Air and Air-Defense Forces were also united in 2005.  Tajikistan’s armed forces also include National Guard and Security Forces (internal and border troops).

Unlike the other former Soviet republics of Central Asia, Tajikistan did not form armed forces based upon former Soviet units on its territory.  Instead, the Russian Ministry of Defense took control of the Dushanbe-based 201st Motor Rifle Division; actually control simply shifted from the former district headquarters in Tashkent, which was in now-independent Uzbekistan, to Moscow.