DUSHANBE, March 19, 2011, Asia-Plus  -- Coalition of NGOs of Tajikistan comprising 28 public associations has completed two reports for UN Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review.

According to the Bureau on Human rights and Rule of Law (BHR), the reports describe the human right problems existing in the country and include recommendations for the government on how to improve the human rights situation.

The source says the reports were sent to the Secretariat of the UN High Commissioner for Human rights in Geneva on March 14.  “They will be generalized and sent to the United Nations Human Rights Council,” he noted.

In their reports, Tajik human rights activists point out inefficiency of the country’ judicial system, use of tortures in closed institutions, non-transparency of penitentiary system, violation of rights of believers and freedom of speech, violation of rights of women and children and many other problems that have not been solved to date.

“The reports also noted that a number of positive measures to improve the human rights situation have been taken in the country over the past four years.  Among them are establishment of the Ombudsman institution and adoption of a new criminal procedure code,” said the BHR source, “Besides, the government has set up a working group to study social and legal aspects of abolition of death penalty.  Some other human rights reforms are also being implemented and planned in the country.”

The civil society representatives note that it is necessary to observe the principle of openness and accountability of lawmaking activity and involve experts from civil society in lawmaking processes at the earliest stages for further efficiency of the human rights reforms in the country.