To-date, some Tajik telecommunications companies, including Telecom technology, Tcell, Babilon-M and Beeline, have restored access to the next-generation network (NGN) accounts.  Meanwhile, there is still no an official document permitting the companies to resume providing NGN services.  

Representative of Telecom Technology told Asia-Plus today they have restored access to NGN accounts after getting OK from the communications service agency.  

Recall, the Communications Service under the Government of Tajikistan on December 18 ordered all telecommunications companies operating in the country, namely Tojiktelecom, TT Mobile, Indigo Tajikistan, Babilon M, Babilon T, Eastera, Intercom, Telecom Technology and Komintel, to suspend access to NGN accounts.  

The communications service agency insisted the move against the next-generation network is strictly about security.

Meanwhile, sources inside the communications service agency, however, said that the government’s real motive was to ramp up revenues.

The Prosecutor-General’s Office is reportedly investigating legality of suspending access to NGN accounts.

All telecommunications companies in Tajikistan providing access to the next-generation network (NGN) accounts have received letters from the Prosecutor-General’s Office with solicitation to give detailed information on that issue. 

The Prosecutor-General’s Office reportedly wants to know how the companies provide access to the NGN accounts and on the basis of what decision they suspended access to the NGN accounts.