Tajiks performed Hajj will return home until September.

The first group of pilgrims from Tajikistan arrived in Dushanbe this morning, where they were met by relatives and friends.

This morning, a group of 170 pilgrims arrived to Dushanbe on a "Somon Air" flight, and yesterday, “Tajik Air” Airlines delivered the first pilgrims to Khujand yesterday, said the press secretary of the Committee on Religious Affairs, the regulation of folk traditions, celebrations and ceremonies of the republic Afshin Mukim

According to him, all the pilgrims of Tajikistan will return from the Hajj before September 1.


Two Tajik pilgrims died this year during the Hajj.

This year, at least 5 thousand pilgrims from Tajikistan went to Hajj. And in 2018, more than 6 thousand Tajiks made a pilgrimage to the shrines of Islam.