Asia-Plus New Agency offers its readers new product – monthly analytical bulletin Asia-Plus Expert, which contains expert materials about political, economic and social life of Tajikistan.     

The first issue of Asia-Plus Exert, which was edited by Tajik political scientist Parvzs Mullojonov, contains materials about Tajik-Kyrgyz border problems and possible scenarios of development of these problems, currency default risks in Tajikistan, Tajikistan’s foreign policy and prospects of Tajikistan’s integration to various geopolitical projects.  

The regional topics are presented by analysis of a role of Taliban Movement in Afghanistan, experience of economic reforms in Uzbekistan and some other materials.  

“Developments that are taking place in political, economic and social spheres of Tajikistan and the Central Asian region as a whole require close examination and objective analysis,” says Asia-Plus Director-General Umed Babakhanov.  “It is important for each of us, especially if he/her is the head of business, NGO, or government agency, to understand what is behind this or that event and process and how it can influence our life and work.” 

“We will try to answer these questions in Asia-Plus Expert competently and openly as far as conditions permit.” 

The bulletin will be published in Russian and English once a month and will be distributed to subscribers by email.