A campaign on nominating candidates to run for the Majlisi Namoyandagon (Tajikistan’s lower chamber of parliament) in single-mandate constituencies was launched in Tajikistan on January 1. 

Navrouz Samadzoda, the head of the Central Commission for Elections and Referenda (CCER)’s office, says the campaign will last until January 15.  

Majlisi Namoyandagon is composed of 63 deputies, directly elected by all eligible citizens in a secret ballot.  The law introduces a mixed electoral system: 41 members are elected from single mandate constituencies and the remaining 22 on the basis of party lists. 

Tajikistan is divided into 41 single-mandate constituencies in which one deputy is elected by a simple majority system.

Candidates can be nominated by political parties (through the city/regional organs of the party) or can be self-nominated and supported by a minimum of 500 signatures.   

In order to be elected on the first ballot, a candidate must secure a majority of more than half of the votes cast. If the turnout is less than 50% of the registered electors, the election is deemed invalid. If none of the candidates secures sufficient votes to win in the first ballot, a second round takes place within two weeks. The two candidates who received the highest number of votes compete for the second round. The candidate obtaining more votes is elected in the second round if more than half of the registered voters participate. If no one is elected in the second round, the election is deemed not held.  Should the election be determined not to have been held or invalid, a repeat (new) election must take place within two months. The same polling stations and voter lists are used.  However, candidates registered for the initial election are not allowed to contest the repeat election.

Every Tajik citizen who is at least 18 on election day is entitled to vote, unless serving a term in prison or having been declared incapable by court decision.

Every Tajik citizen, at least aged 25 and eligible to vote, may stand as candidate for deputy of the Majlisi Namoyandagon if they know the state language, have been citizen of the country for a minimum of ten years and have a higher education.

Recall, parliamentary elections will take place in Tajikistan on March 1, 2020.