Residents of apartment buildings located close to Abricol Restaurant in Dushanbe have applied to Interior Minister Ramazon Rajhimzoda complaining about the noise and fuse in the restaurant, which is open around the clock.  

The restaurant owners have already been fined after similar application of citizens to the Interior Ministry.  They were even ordered to change the restaurant’s work schedule.

The restaurant owners, however, ignored the police order, according to the Interior Ministry’s press center.  

On February 24, police officers drew up a protocol on administrative violation against the restaurant owners and it was suspended from functioning, the press center said.  

By Dushanbe mayor’s decree issued in 2012 all entertainment, cultural and catering service facilities must function until 23:00 in autumn-winter period and until 24:00 in spring-summer period, but if the mentioned facilities are located far from residential building, schools and hospitals they can function until 01:00 am.