Burkhoniddin Rakhimov took first place at the Interregional Quran Reader Competition and received a ticket to perform a small Hajj - Umrah, reported by the Moscow Islamic Institute.

The Eighth Interregional Quran Reader Competition was held within the framework of the 10th anniversary forum "Muslim World" on May 20-22 in the city of Perm.

This year, 42 representatives from 17 regions of Russia took part in the competition..

Ilham Bibarsov, Chairman of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Perm Territory, noted that the competition was very serious.

«Knowledge of Tajweed, correct intonation, even a beautiful voice - everything was taken into account when selecting the winners. The victory was not easy. And the prizes were worthy. Burkhoniddin Rakhimov, who took first place in this nomination, received a ticket to perform a small Hajj - Umrah as one of the awards. We sincerely wish him further victories, including in international competitions», - said the chairman of the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of the Perm Territory 

The competition was held in several nominations - knowledge of two, five, ten, fifteen and 30 juz.