The court found them guilty of non-compliance with the work schedule and sanitary standards.

On September 21, officers of the capital's militia detained the directors of the London and Parastu restaurants Umedjon Saidkulzoda and Behruz Sadriddinov, the press center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan for the city of Dushanbe reports.

They were charged with the fact that their restaurants, despite midnight, continued to work: according to the law, restaurants in Dushanbe can work until 23:00.

" At night, loud music sounded in their restaurants, which disturbed the peace of the citizens, and also in the restaurants "London" and "Parstu" the standards of sanitation and hygiene were not observed ", - отмечается в сообщении столичной милиции.

By a court decision, Saikulzoda was sentenced to five days of administrative arrest, and Sadriddinov to seven days.