The regional competition is held to assist in solving the problem of the destruction of endangered wild animals. Winners will receive cash prizes.

The Central Asian Zoo Hackathon is a competition that aims to develop an innovative solution to prevent the trade of endangered wildlife. Such animals include the snow leopard, the saiga antelope and the black-tailed gazelle. 

As noted on the official website of the competition, university students, coders, ecologists, developers, designers, project managers and specialized experts from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan or Uzbekistan can take part in the hackathon. 

The competition will be held online - at the Zoom site and will last 48 hours. During this time, the participants of the zoohackathon, who will be united in teams, will need to develop an innovative technological solution to the problem of poaching and illegal trade in wild animals in the region. If you have any ideas that can help solve the problem of wildlife destruction, then this hackathon is for you. Both individual and team applications are considered. Teams will consist of 3-5 people.

You can apply at The deadline for applications is October 27, 2021. The hackathon itself starts on October 30, and its results will be known on October 31. 

The winners will receive cash prizes: 1st place - $ 1200, 2nd place - $ 800, 3rd place - $ 500 and 4th place - $ 100. The awards ceremony will also take place on the Zoom platform.