Companies begin beta testing of an artificial intelligence platform t ai vac.

Media group "Asia-Plus" will be engaged in beta testing of fact-checking program based on artificial intelligence algorithms. It was developed by the leading artificial intelligence lab in partnership with the global technology company Microsoft under the ‘AI for Health’ program. Artificial intelligence will check the news about vaccination against coronavirus, spread in the Russian-speaking space for reliability.

The main goal of vac software is to reduce the spread of misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine among the Russian-speaking audience.

To achieve this goal, a platform for journalists was launched that automatically determines with higher accuracy whether a publication about the COVID-19 vaccine is credible or not.

The project manager is a young duo of two 17-year-old teenage trainees journalist Ashraf Azami and machine learning engineer Samandar Samandarov.

The software was trained on a dataset of over 1,000 publications collected by a team of volunteers through web research. Deep neural networks and natural language processing were used to train the model.

The verification methodology is based on the rules of fact-checking in business media and the recommendations of The Poynter Institute - the most authoritative institution in the field of information verification.

Now, by bringing together four leading fact-checking organizations in the CIS countries: Asia-Plus news agency, Tajik, Kazakh and Russian Verified.Media, is conducting closed beta testing of software t .ai vac.